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Have You Changed?

I don't have to tell anyone how fast the world is changing and how fast our expectations change with it. If you're not changing with it you are doing a massive disservice to yourself. In a fast paced global society fixated on the next big thing, It is imperative that you update and upgrade everything from your mindset to your wardrobe. You have to do things that you never thought you'd do to be a contender in a highly competitive world.

I recently had a client come in to update her headshot. We talked and she told me her story and what she wanted her headshot to say about her. She proceeded to tell me how today she is a completely different person and how she has changed her mindset. Five years a go she was an accounting professor at a community college. She really enjoyed the job and her students and the control that she had in her work environment. The only problem was that she was JUST doing that. She didn't have a solid idea of where she was going but she had the intellect, the ambition and the willingness to get there. Today she is a CPA and the director of finance for a progressive non profit organization.

One of the most amazing things we discovered in our conversation is how her headshots and her mindset were in direct relation with one another. You can literally see the change in her from one photo to the next. Same beautiful smile but different energies.

During our humorous and eye opening chat, we named the mindset of each photo as follows

1.The Amateur

2. The Conformist

3.The IAWIA (I Am Who I Am)

This brilliant and beautiful lady explained to me how her growth was a tough but necessary journey that allowed her to reassess her priorities. She said the IAWIA mindset is the mindset where pleasing others is much further down on your list of priorities and being at peace and pleased with yourself and your growth moves to number one.

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