A great headshot isn’t just a picture of your face. The professional headshots that I create for my clients are about branding. It’s about positioning yourself in the marketplace. It’s about empowerment. I want people to be able to visualize how amazing you are. A great headshot is going to make people want to work with you.

Everyone needs a headshot. Most people I come into contact with actually need a few different great pictures of themselves. In Houston and in other major markets around the country the headshot you use on LinkedIn might be more or less formal than what you might want to use on a company website or a dating profile. You’re probably only going to get a headshot once every three or four years, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity and get a little variety.

The true beauty behind a great headshot is that it helps to create brand recognition. You’re a brand and you have complete and total control over how you’re perceived. Let me help you manage your brand with a great headshot.