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Hello. This page is not necessarily about me. It is more about you, my guest, and how I can help you create more meaning and engagement in your life. Since I am indeed the host providing this service you may well want to know a little about me. My name is Joseph Nance and I am an award-winning photographer specializing in creative and commercial portraiture. The work I create isn't simply a picture, it is a statement about both your external and internal self and expressing that in exquisite images that represent you. Each of my portraits is crafted with an unmatched attention to detail and quality that I have acquired over the last 10 years.

Whether it’s for a CEO or a leading lady, every image we take is for someone’s job. Our specialties range from simple and eye-catching headshots to customized, personal branding images for businesses of all sizes. 

It’s not just a headshot….It's someone's first impression of you.


Your image is crucial to your business. Whoever sees your image is going to make a split second decision about you and you'll be hard pressed to change that decision. It's important to you that your photographs reflect who you are. Our corporate clients value our professionalism and efficiency while our individual clients value our attention to detail and personal approach.

I hope this gives you insight into me and what I do. I typically book at least two weeks in advance and spaces are limited.​


Warmest Regards,